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Energy Clearing

Allow me to help you to clear away old, heavy or stagnant energies, cords, and attachments from your body and energy field.  Creating space for you to recieve your Divine inheritance as a Sovereign Woman.


I am honored to walk the path beside you, and offer a safe space for reflection, affirmation, and guidance.
Discover and heal your feminine wounding and masculine shadow, so that you may experience the harmony and bliss of  Divine Union.


Together we will activate your Divine Feminie blueprint, allowing you to embody your personal power and realize your true potential as a Divine Priestess of the Earth.

Womb Awakening

Heal from sexual abuse, miscarriage and other forms of  birth trauma that are imprinted in your womb, blocking your life force energy.
Awaken the Sacred Altar that exists within your female body.


Join me in Sacred Ceremony as you are initiated into the Divine Rose Priestess Sisterhood.  Recieve blessings from the Ascended Masters that have cleared the path before us.

Ancestral Healing

Work with your ancestors to heal the lines of trauma and dysfunction that have been passed down over the course of many generations and have manifested in your physical body as pain and disease.

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