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Anna Axlund

Certified Rose Priestess

My conscious path as a Rose Priestess began in 2019, when I was in a process of deep healing and transformation.  Reaching to the higher realms for guidance, I learned how to channel via automatic writing and began to recieve transmissions from the "The Rose".  I discovered that I am part of a collective of souls who have incarnated on earth at this time to bring the divine feminine back into a state of balance and harmony.  Realizing this truth within myself was a pivotal point in my healing journey.  Walking the path of a Rose Priestess has involved deep surrender, trust in my inner knowing, letting go of old beliefs structures, unconscious programming and behavior patterns. Coming into alignment with my higher self, I've learned how to listen, love, and nurture myself, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  So that my heart may overflow with unconditional love, compassion and generocity. My mission is to guide women on their divine feminine path of healing, empowerment and embodiment. So that they may know their own power to heal and create a life of joy and prosperity.

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